wear your authenticity

Authenticity. It’s in us all.
Sometimes it’s hidden. Sometimes it’s in the spotlight. It’s who we are.

Be proud. Be feminine. Be yourself. Feel how you want to feel. Feel fab.
Feel powerful. Feel vulnerable.
Roll with some of it. Roll with all of it. Roll with none of it.
Dress up. Dress down. Dress your way.

Imperfections are perfections. Embrace them. Don’t hide them. Compliment them.
Accentuate gorgeous curves. Show off your mind, body and soul.
Show off you being you. Step out in style with style. Your style.

Mix it up. Be playful with colour pops. Be chic with timeless elegance.
Be a tease. Be cheeky. Be conservative. Be colourful. Be the boss.

What’s wonderful is that you are you. You choose your fashion statements.
Wear unique fashion. Not fast fashion. Not mass fashion.
Turn heads. Turn cheeks. Turn opinions.
Turn trends down. Turn your style up.

Whatever you do, wear your authenticity your way.
Every. Single. Day. That’s the ByFIG way.

We hope you love byFIG.
Margo and Kris xx

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