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welcome to byfig

Boutique Fashion Brand
Based In Adelaide, South Australia, The Festival State.

What makes byFIG unique?  

In world of mass produced fast fashion, we created byFIG women’s fashion brand to be unique, just like you are.

Our small print runs, limited edition womens fashion designs and bespoke collections are individual style statements that help make you feel authentic. 

Who wants to be wearing what everyone else is? Our online limited edition print patterns are bold and creative, with a defined look.
By keeping our collections small, we hope to reduce the fashion faux mirror – that is, finding yourself at a function with the same outfit as someone else.

byFIG is relaxed, effortless and independent. We want you to be you, to step out in style, dress it up or dress it down, roll with it, feel fab, feel vulnerable or feel powerful, turn trends down and turn your style up. Dress however you want and be proud. Whatever you
do, we want you to wear your authenticity your way. Be individual.

Our women’s fashion garments reflect our own authenticity and originality through hand-drawn and crafted original and creative graphic prints, inspired by the unique Australian landscapes, as well as our international travels. 

Our natural fibre, screen-printed fabrics, are easy to wear and care for too, which are great reasons to add our garments to your wardrobe. 

One of our core values is aiming to be a sustainable fashion brand. We play our part in the ‘war on fashion waste’. That’s why we endeavor to use natural fabrics, only partner with ethical manufacturers and run limited collections to reduce wastage. With ByFIG you can feel always fabulous wearing our garments knowing you’re stepping out in sustainable garments and sustainable style.

Kris and Margo both work full time, whilst also balancing the challenge of creating ever-changing, vibrant new collections and growing the byFIG fashion brand business. Kris, is a successful business woman and a maker of artisan cheese. Margo is a graphic designer and lecturer currently living in Dubai. Both are South Aussies who love Australia and all it offers, and this we hope, is reflected in
our designs. 

We truly hope you enjoy wearing byFIG as much as we do.

Margo and Kris XX